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The Seven Steps -SAPTAPADI


This is the most important portion of the marriage rites especially from the legal point of view, as marriage is considered legally complete only after ‘Saptapadi’ is performed.
There are seven small heaps of rice and the bridegroom makes the bride step on each of these seven steps with her right foot. At this stage, the groom addresses the bride with the following Mantras and this is done at every step.
At the first step, he says “ Be thou conducive to nutrition. Be thou devoted to me and follow me”.. He goes on to add, as at all steps “ In our quest for each other, let us attain the grace of the Lord. Let us both endeavor to beget many children and let them all attain longevity”.
At the second step, he says, “ Be thou conducive to strength”.
At the third step, he says “ Be thou conducive to wealth and knowledge”
At the fourth step he says “Be thou conducive to health and happiness in life”.
At the fifth step, he says “ Be thou conducive to happily bringing up the children”.
At the sixth step, he says “ Be thou conducive to lead a happy life at all seasons”.
At the final and seventh step, the groom says “ SAKHA SAPTAPADI BHAVA”. “ Be thou my friend and life-mate”.
The bride, in the process, takes each step by responding “ I shall cherish and abide by your aspirations”
Many scholars and poets have described the Saptapadi as the initial flight of a single bird with two wings..
The couple then resume their seats in front of the fire. The groom takes water and sprinkles it on the bride as if their prayers were granted.


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