Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lead Kindly Light, , From Mother

As you know, I had sent the above article on Saturday 31st Jan 2009. One of my close friend's daughter who is a Bharathanatyam Dancer and stays in USA, has replied promptly, sending another poem which conveys the same meaning as Newman's
'Lead, Kindly Lighjt'. Since I liked the poem very much, I am enclosing the same to you.

It appears this dancer , whose parents are equally close to us , found this poem written in her mother's own handwriting and kept in her purse several years back..She retrieved it after her mother passed away many years back and is carefully preserving it in memory of her mother as it consoles and comforts her at times of distress.

I thought of sharing this lovely poem with you

B.M.N.Murthy, 1st Feb 2009

Dear Uncle,

Thank you very much. This was a very nice article and reminded me of a note I had found sometime ago among amma's things in her handwriting...

The Following was found in a note written by my mother, Sudha
Our lives are in God's loving hands
In everything we do,
He is with us constantly
He always sees us through
And if our faith is strong enough
We will never walk alone
For with his great and perfect love
He takes care of his own
So anytime that trails or burdens seem to come your way
Find strength and hope in knowing
God is with you everyday!

Shared by Sumana Nath

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