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A Dravidian Party

Today 2nd October 2007 is celebrated all over as Gandhi Jayanthi Day. We all know how the great Mahatma struggled althrough his life and gave up his life for establishing "RAMARAJYA'. Unforunately after 59 years of his death, the popular DMK
leader and the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Sri M.Karunanidhi is questioniong the very existence of Lord Sri Rama
and his qualification as an engineer to build the Sri Rama Sethu.

Tamil Nadu which had such brilliant Chief Ministers like Rajaji, Kamaraj is unfortunately ruled by the Dravidian parties for the last few decades.The quality of Legislators who form the government has not changed a bit ever since the Dravidian rule started in Tamil Nadu a couple of years back.

The attached incident which took place inTamil Nadu Assembly sometime in the eighties under the DMK rule may interest you.

Best Wishes
B.M.N.Murthy, 2nd October 2007.


Cho Ramaswamy, the Editor of a political magazine in Tamil Nadu
Called “Tughlak”, is a well-known journalist and a political commentator in Madras. The magazine is popular, particularly for its political cartoons.

During the eighties when the late MGR [M.G.Ramachandran, D.M.K.Leader] was the Chief Minister. Cho was served with a notice by the Tamil Nadu Government for having allegedly breached the privilege of The Tamil Nadu Assembly for a cartoon in his magazine. The cartoon parodied a scheme that MGR had just announced to employ graduates in shops selling arrack. In the cartoon MGR was shown holding a placard which read “Arrack Shops for Graduates and Assembly for the Uneducated”.

Cho stuck to the description of the MLAs as ‘uneducated’. Apart from distinguishing education from mere literacy, he recalled what the MLAs had said in an interview which he had published in an earlier issue of the magazine. On 1st April 1985, he had sent a correspondent around to several MLAs with nonsense questions like:

1. The Punjab problem has arisen because Haryana and Punjab cannot agree on how the river Pritish Nandy should be divided. What is your view on how the river of Pritish Nandy be shared by the two states.
2. What do you say to the view of Saklachvala, the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court and the brother of well-known Jurist Nani Palkhivala, that Maharashtra Government has not allocated sufficient funds for education?
3. What is your view that the proposal of the great economist Vijay Merchant that the State’s share in revenue should be doubled?

Pritish Nandy was the Editor of The Illustrated Weekly, no Saklachvala was the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court and Vijay Merchant was a well-known Cricket Captain. But none of this had ever struck the legislators who had proceeded to give laborious answers to the questions.

Finally, all of them had been asked what they thought of the various proposals ostensibly put forward by a rival party. They had vehemently denounced the proposals as outrageous. In fact, the proposals had been taken from the Manifesto of their own DMK Party and put forward by Annadurai himself.


Gandhi Jayanthi, Ramarajya and existence of Lord Rama
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