Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Milestone

I am glad to inform you thar recently one member in my mailing list celebrated his 60th Birthday. To commemorate the event, he selected by himself 60 out of my three hundred and odd articles which he has received so far, got them bound into a beautiful book and presented it to about 20 of his close associatesand friends who were in the vicinity of 60 years.

A couple of months back, another member purchased a few copies of ' SURABHI' to be used as a gift on the occasion of auspicious functions like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, House-warming etc.

When 'Surabhi' was out last year, a Bharatanatyam Dance teacher/ Veena Player from USA purchased 20 copiesof the book to be distributed amomg her students in USA so that they are made aware of the greatness of our Sanathana Dharma and culture.

I am gratreful to all these members for having lent me a helping hand in my feeble attempt to share my limited knowledge with a larger section of the society.

Best wishes
BMN Murty

Created:Wednesday, April 18 2007


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