Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nataraja Rises Again , After Tsunami

V.R.Dhananjayan of erstwhile Kalaksetra has written an interesting article about his having discovered a lovely Nataraja Temple on the seashore on way to Pondichery from Madras. It appears he came to know about it only last month. It is known as 'Karaneshwar", named after the 108 Karanas depicted by Bharata Muni in Natyashastra.It has been built in front of a fibre-glass pyramid-shaped shrine. During the last year Tsunami the pyramid gave way . while the Nataraja bronze idol iwas least affected.

Dhananjay says that this unique temple was buillt by none other than the Kashmir Prince Dr. Karan Singh, a great devotee of Lord Shiva, a great Sanskrit scholar, a great devotee of Maharshi Aurobindo, a great admirer of Anandaa Kumaraswamy, the Boston Brahmin.

This temple was inaugurated on March 16th 2000 and after the Tsunami havoc, reconsecration was done on 30th September 2006.This has now become a tourist attraction, particularly for students of dance

It gas been the experience of a few that a few minutes of meditation inside the pyramid is rejuvenating and gives respite from many health disorders.

B.M.N.Murthy, 22nd June 2007

Nataraja in Pyramid
Created: Friday, June 22, 2007


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