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More on Sheshadri Swami

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Subject: Re: Fw: ARTICLE NO..563--Sri Seshadri Swami of Tiruvannamalai

> Dear Shri Murty,
> It was an interesting article about Mahan Sri Sheshadri Swami. To make it
> more interesting, let me share some of his miracles as known to me.
> 1. He used to tell his followers, when my brother (Sri Ramana Maharshi)
> can earn Rs.1000 and I can earn Rs.100/- can you not try to earn at least
> Rs.10/- (he refers to Puniya by doing good deeds and not actual currency)
> 2. My great grand mother(Echammal) who served food to Bhagawan Sri Ramana
> for 37 years non-stop was known toSri Sheshadri Swami as well. He used to
> visit her at her house quite frequently, as she was a great tapaswini.
> Since my father was brought up this great lady upto the age of 9 years at
> Tiruvannamalai, one incident shared by my father is still fresh in my
> memory. It goes as under
> " My late father, when he was 3 years old, he became so seriously ill, and
> all doctors had given up. Echammal also gave up and kept my father's body
> in an unconscious state in an open verandah. The body turned blue due to
> high temperature. At that point of time Sri Sheshadri Swamiji entered the
> house and finds Echammal in a sorrow mood and Swamiji wanted to know the
> reason. Once he came to know, he told her not to worry and said " Get me
> some Vibudhi and sprinkled on my father's body from head to foot and
> turned to Echammal saying All will be OK. Within few hours my father was
> back to normal. He lived upto the age of 73 years FYI. This was a miracle,
> I cannot forget.
> Another day, when HE was seated in Echammal's house, a devotee of Sri
> Ramana came to meet her. Seeing Echammal with Swami and not knowing,
> simply remarked, Why do you have association with such people, who cannot
> get salvation in any number of births. Echammal promptly told Sri
> Sheshadri Swamiji to let that person know his divine powers. Swamiji
> reeled out the vedas so fluently, that the person accepted his folly and
> apologised for his silly remarks, judging by the look of the person.
> I consider HIM a great Mahan and rightly an ashram has been built in his
> name, adjoining Sri Ramanasramam at Tiruvannmalai. All glory to the great
> Sri Sheshadri Swamigal. He will be remembered for generations.
> Kumar
> This may intererst you. Kumar hails from a family of some of the
> greatest devotees pof Sri Ramana. The above is a first hand instance of
> the powers of Sri Seshadri Swami.

Kumar is a Consultant in Bangalore and his wife Jagada Kumar is a music
critic who reviews Carnatic Music Concerts for the Deccan Herald, Bangalore.
Both are in my list for several years. His great grandmother Ecchammal is
considered by the Sri Ramashram as one of the foster mothers of Ramana

B.M.N.Murthy, 25th April 2010


At September 8, 2018 at 6:13 AM , Blogger Ramesh M S said...

Sir Great article about Sri Seshadri Swami ... Can you please get me the contact details of Mr.Kumar a person's name mentioned in this article as I hail from the same place where his great grand mother born , the place name by Mandakolthur near T.V.Malai... Thanks . Pls do the needful... Ramesh


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