Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snake's Worship


An unbelievable fascinating incident happened on the total Solar Eclipse day on 14th Jan 2010 when a snake collected Bilva leaves from the tree nearby and worshipped a Shiva lingam in a village temple in Tanjore District of Tamil Nadu. The incident has been reported with actual photographs by several papers in Tamil Nadu, including the latest English Monthly Magazine ‘TATTVALOKA” from the Sri Shankara Math, Sringeri, which has published three actual photographs covering the incident.

It is said that when the priest of the temple opened the sanctum sanctorum on the Solar eclipse day, he saw a snake sitting on the top of the Lingam. After the door was opened the snake descended, went towards the Bilva Tree which is the holy tree attached to the temple [Sthala Vriksham], climbed it, picked up a leaf, crawled and entered the Sannidhi. It hissed at every devotee trying to get near it. It climbed on to the Lingam, opened its hood and dropped the leaf on the Lingam. The miracle was witnessed by several devotees who were present.

The snake repeated the operation for three times. Meanwhile a devotee who had a camera with him photographed the incident.

It may be pertinent to note that many of the residents of this village are named either Nagarajan or Nag lingam. It is said that it is the custom of the temple to perform the Archana with Rudraksha only.

This incident happened in a small place called Thepperumanallur, a village near Titunageswaran in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu

B.M.N. Murthy, 4th March 2010
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