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Rama Sethu: A Bridge to History & Heritage

In a recent International Seminar held in Chennai on !2th May 2007 on the above subject, Prof.M.D.Nalapat, formerly Resident Editor of the Times of India in Bangalore and presently Professor of Geopolitics in Manipal University, has submitted a very interesting paper under the caption " Pride in History, First Step to the Ramasethu Project" As the paper is fairly long, I am producing only one or two interesting paragraphs from the same .

" We have to rescue Indian history and culture from the death-grip of those who seek to compartmentalise the country into religious boxes, the way Mohamedali Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru did when they accepted the British plan for partition.
The Rama Setu is extant proof of the India that was, and in its magnificence, gives a glimpse of the India that will be.
For Karunanidhi,Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who apparently has no interest in the country as a whole but simply in a corner of it, what happens to India is not relevant, except in so far it affects the immense wealth of the Karunanidhi clan, a propensity for money that was even remarked upon by his own mentor C.N.Annadurai who called him " Mr. ELEVEN LAKHS FROM SAIDAPET". Hopefully, at this stage of his long and prosperous life, Karunanidhi will bestow some thought to the nation that has made him, his children and his relatives so wealthy and abstain from destroying a TREASURE OF HUMAN CULTURE.

Sadly , even after 1947,there has not come to power a government that is genuinely Indian.The Nehru family is Indian only in name, being European in every other particular. Today, the family has shed all pretence about this, and has put forward a European as the head of the family, seeking once again to rule through her. Sonia Gandhi needs to think carefully about Rama Sethu. She needs to follow the example of those who settled in India from outside but yet became true to this country's heritsge. For, it is a fact that both Europeans and Indians are essentially part of the same civilisational stream, the way the Parsis too are. For the sake of our common Indo-European civilisation RAMA SETU MUST BE SAVED"

B.M.N.Murthy, 6th Oct 2007

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